The Founder

The focus will be put on improving the quality of their lifestyle and their existence.

SPARTAN’S ACADEMY has been conceptualized and put into action by Mr. Avnish. B. Mehta. A well qualified and well trained karateka from the oldest school of martial arts in India, fitness enthusiast and are lifestyle management professional..

The reason why this was started was to teach the common person about how to lead a healthy life by making a simple choice in their fitness regime, diet and by altering some of the faulty lifestyle habits.

SPARTAN’S was conceptualized and put into action for improving the faulty lifestyles and wrong means of fitness training along with the lack of awareness among the current generation due to the rising levels of stress in their personal and professional lives.

At SPARTAN’S the participants develop an outlook that makes them feel in control. They are made to realize that it is their own body’s “innate sense” that creates preserves and destroys their health.


  • Understanding of the human body and its mechanism in sustaining and improving its health through different methods like fitness and holistic healing.
  • Understanding the risk factors and how to eliminate them by making lifestyle choices.
  • Make an individual understand that their physical, emotional and spiritual health is equally important to gain total health.
  • Instructions and demonstrations on how to exercise and how to manage stress.
  • Besides this, participants are also taught to be ready for any emergency arising from health related issues and well as basic first aid techniques.

So see for yourselves and feel the difference!!!

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