When one hears about or looks at fitness, heavy weights, gym rats and muscular physiques is all that comes to our mind. But now is the time to start a revolution and change the way fitness and health are looked at. Some things to start off with are as basic as bringing about a lifestyle change and there you are- Voila! You may ask what about the rest of the things? We say you leave that to us. With a disciplined workout regimen and your passion to stay fit, we will also inculcate a need for people to understand, know and realize their body type, which in turn will help them in maximizing their own individual strengths. And we at the SPARTAN ACADEMY OF COMBAT ARTS (SACA) will help you acquire that level of fitness and strength.

Avnish Mehta, Founder, SACA, who himself is karate black belt and has been a practioner of the traditional form of martial art for over 15 years, aims to provide a platform to express one’s own self through fitness.

As they risks can prove to be costly or dear and people would hesitate to take them, but here at SACA we view this as an opportunity to evolve and grow with an attitude of trial and error. 

However the classes are lots of fun with Avnish creating a blend of modern techniques and traditional exercises and laying emphasis on core conditioning and strengthening.  

Changes in one’s habits and lifestyles is not a change people make overnight. It is months or maybe even years of discipline, diligence and 100% commitment that helps them realize and implement that change. 

Motivation acts as a catalyst for people to work harder and it even gets better when the motivation is double- Not only does one get better at it with constant and repeated movement patterns through conscious efforts, but also ends up approximately burning 750-1200 calories every session.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enrol yourself now!!

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